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Tyler Thompson, Born in Houma, Louisiana, 1986. Thompson found his way into producing movies in 2008 with his debut movie, Black Swan. He followed up with movies such as RUSH, Black Mass, American Made, Ides of March, Everest, among many more. Most recently, he produced Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of The Chicago 7. Thompson is in production on his next movie, The Pale Blue Eye with Christian Bale which Netflix will release Fall of 22’.

Thompson, a long time music fan and guitar player had dreamed of always making a record but never could quite get it together. When movies took the poll position, it was put on the shelf indefinitely. Once the pandemic hit, Thompson decided to phone his pal and world renowned drummer and record producer Steve Jordan (Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, John Mayer). The two decided to put together some songs and make a record in early 2021. Tyler and Will Hoge, a long time musician and respected Nashville artist, put together ten songs. Tyler and Jordan started tracking the songs with Pino Palladino, Derek Trucks, Audley Freed, Larry Campbell and Clifford Carter. There was only really one thing left to mix in...the vocal! Thompson wasn’t a singer, he had never sang before. Thompson knew that he’d never be an amazing singer. Instead, Thompson focused on story- telling. Growing up in Louisiana gave him perspective on simple living and a strong tie to country and rock music (Springsteen, Mellencamp, Black Crowes and Tom Petty). He spent summers building tree houses in the sugar cane fields, riding four wheelers and dirt bikes and fishing down in the Gulf of Mexico.“A lot of country music these days is successful because it’s relatable to folks in America. In a world where it’s very hard to find authenticity, I wanted to create some semblance of it, first for myself, and now I hope people will also feel it on this record. When I set out to make this record I wanted listeners to feel as if you could disconnect from the world a bit and re live their own America at its best and maybe sometimes at its hardest through these songs somehow”. High school break-ups, girls that aint’ coming back, first loves, high school football on Friday nights, your first foam ice chest with a few stolen Coors Lights, & strong mothers and fathers making the best out of whatever situation they are in. Thompson signed a record deal with Sony Music Nashville in 2022. He plans to release his debut self titled album, Tyler Thompson - later this year, under the Sony Nashville Music banner.



SEPT 01 , 2022

Tyler Thompson on Shifting From Top Movie Producer to Country Music Artist: ‘It’s Another Way to Tell Stories’

The producer of 'Black Swan' & 'The Trial of the Chicago 7' is turning his storytelling into a country music career, starting with "Won't Take Long," out Friday.

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MAY 10 , 2022

Hot Cannes Package: Katy Perry Stars In Jeremy Zag-directed Animated Musical ‘Melody’; Cross Creek & Zag Studios Producing

Singer/songwriter Katy Perry will star as the title character in Melody, an animated musical feature created, directed and produced by Jeremy Zag. Cross Creek’s Tyler Thompson will produce alongside

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MAY 11 , 2022

Katy Perry Lands Lead Role as Magical Pop Star in Animated Musical ‘Melody’: See Her Character

Perry will star as a singer who must overcome the evil plans of a pop star who is set on destroying her.

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JUNE 08 , 2022

Cross Creek Lands Cody Brotter’s Black List ‘Drudge’ Script; Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky & The Formation Of Matt Drudge’s Web News Powerhouse

Cross Creek’s Tyler Thompson will produce and Ryan Smith of Streamline will be exec producer.

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FEB 26 , 2021

Christian Bale & Director Scott Cooper Re-Team On Cross Creek’s ‘The Pale Blue Eye’ – EFM

Christian Bale and director Scott Cooper are set to make their third film together. Bale will star in Cooper’s scripted adaptation of the Louis Bayard novel The Pale Blue Eye.

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MAY 20 , 2022

New Hot Cannes Package: Paul Greengrass Directing Benedict Cumberbatch In Peasant Farmer Revolt Drama ‘The Hood’

A Cannes Market teeming with strong film packages adds a new one. I’m hearing that buyers will today be getting The Hood, a script by Paul Greengrass that he will direct, with Benedict Cumberbatch starring.

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DEC 31 , 2020


The path to success in Hollywood is always a zigzag, but I can’t imagine any other Oscar-winning film producer who launched his career by crashing a wrap party in the small town of Houma, Louisiana.

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JULY 05 , 2021

Fortune favors the bold: on the road with Tyler Thompson

A tour of New Orleans with Tyler Thompson becomes an absorbing trip into the film producer’s colorful life.

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FEB 09 , 2021

Episode 42: New Orleanian Tyler Thompson Conquers Hollywood

On this week’s podcast, we talk to Louisiana native and New Orleans resident Tyler Thompson about the state of the film industry during the pandemic and the balancing act of raising a family in New Orleans while running one of the most successful production companies in Hollywood.

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